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Bambinos Reputation

Bambinos Cafe is proud of our reputation as one the best restaurants in town. There’s a lot of good restaurants in Springfield MO and so we were honored to be selected by as The Best Italian Food, Best Place For Date-Night Dinner and Best Restaurant by the Missouri State University newspaper The Standard three years in a row.

It can be a bit of a challenge finding our little Italian restaurant tucked back in the Phelps Grove neighborhood, but we hope that our food is worth the journey. 417 Magazine rated us Best Hidden Restaurant and said “You have to wind back into a residential area to find this slightly off-the-radar restaurant but it’ll be a treat when you do. The patio is large and covered, the atmosphere is laid-back and the prices are super-reasonable.”

Most customers who are searching for the top restaurants in Springfield Missouri feel they’ve stumbled across their own hidden gem once they find us. There are lots of places to eat in town, but few that offer the charm and friendly service you’ll find at Bambinos.

The next time you’re looking for a nice restaurant that won’t cost a fortune for a fresh and tasty meal, we’ll hope you’ll give us a try. When someone asks where to eat and you take them to Bambinos, they’ll thank you for introducing them to a great little restaurant they’d never heard of.