Bambinos Is Proud To Sponsor Bike, Walk and Wheel Week - Springfield Missouri Restaurants

Bambinos Is Proud To Sponsor Bike, Walk & Wheel Week – Springfield Missouri Restaurants

At Bambinos, we’re all about enjoying the beauty of the outdoors while finding new ways to stay active. That’s why two of your favorite Springfield Missouri restaurants, Bambinos on Delmar and Bambinos on Battlefield, are teaming up with Ozark Greenways to sponsor Bike, Walk & Wheel Week, a weeklong celebration of healthy, active living. The event takes place May 14 through 18. Learn more about how your family can get moving with resources from Ozark Greenways.

How It Works

Bike, Walk & Wheel Week is a week-long challenge to encourage you to explore more active transportation routes. It’s the local version of Bike to Work Week, a nationwide initiative to celebrate activity. No bike? No worries. During Bike, Walk & Wheel Week, you’re encouraged to get active in a way that works for you – whether that means riding your bike, walking to work or simply trying out public transportation. Not only will you increase your personal activity, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint. We like the sound of that.

Find New Local Resources

One of the best parts of Bike, Walk & Wheel Week is taking the opportunity to discover new modes of transportation throughout the Springfield area. If you typically commute via car, take this week to try out local bike routes and Greenway maps. If you’re not a cyclist, this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with local public transportation through City Utilities. Check out CU’s online resources to plan your trips for this week and weeks to come. Plus, if you’re working with a longer commute, you can ride City Utilities buses for free all week long when traveling with a bike.

Win Cool Prizes

Ozark Greenways is excited about getting locals involved in this active initiative. So excited, in fact, that they’re giving away cool prizes all week long. Enter to win by recording your participation through Ozark Greenway’s online system. Tracking your mileage is easy: First, sign up for the city-wide competition by contacting Lori Tack at Ozark Greenways. You can create a team with friends and coworkers or simply enter as an individual. After entering, you can track your activity level using an online tool through Ozark Greenways. Not the competitive type? No worries: Everyone who reports their participation will receive a prize! You can also enter social media giveaways throughout the week for fun swag like shirts, hats, gift certificates, movie passes and more.

Ready to get rolling? Both of our locations are fully bike-friendly. Wheel on over and join us.