Cool Off With Our Summer Salad Menu - Local Restaurants in Springfield Missouri

Cool Off With Our Summer Salad Menu – Local Restaurants in Springfield Missouri

Springfieldians, it’s that time of the year again. The sidewalks are sizzling, ice cream melts within minutes of exiting the freezer, and your car’s leather seats are a death trap. We’re in the middle of a serious heat wave. If you’re anything like us, you’re desperately looking for a way to cool off and to avoid fatigue from heat. That includes finding that perfect summer meal that won’t leave you feeling heavy. Our summer salad menu features three seasonal options that will leave you feeling cool, satisfied, and ready to take on the dog days of summer.

Salmon Salad

Our Salmon Salad is a major hit with Bambinos regulars. First, we start with our Bambinos Greek Salad, featuring mixed greens, tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, peppers, kalamata olives, and feta cheese. Then, we toss all of that in our refreshing house dressing and top it with chilled salmon. The salmon packs a protein punch without being overly heavy, and the salad is stuffed with veggies to ensure that you leave the table feeling satisfied.

Pasta Salad Salad

If you’re craving pasta (and we’re always craving pasta) but don’t want to sit down for a hot meal, our Pasta Salad Salad is the dish for you. We start with the classic Bambinos Antipasto Salad. It includes mixed greens tossed with our zesty house dressing, parmesan, onion, red peppers, and cucumber. Then we top it with tomatoes, mushrooms, banana peppers, and provel cheese. We don’t stop there. To achieve our Pasta Salad Salad, we top the Antipasto Salad with a scoop of our delicious homemade pasta salad. It’s served chilled so you can satisfy your pasta craving without plowing through a hot dish on a hot day.

Hummus Salad

Picture this: You’re relaxing on a quiet Mediterranean island. You’re surrounded by blue skies, a sparkling sea, and charming whitewashed houses. Even if a Mediterranean getaway isn’t on your summer agenda, our Hummus Salad will take you on a flavor journey straight to Greece. We toss fresh greens with onions, red peppers, and cucumber, then top it all with a heaping scoop of our homemade hummus. It’s served with a side of warm pita so you can scoop to your heart’s content.

Step away from your oven. Come see us at Bambinos Cafe for a delicious summer salad when looking for local restaurants in Springfield Missouri with a meal to beat the heat. Not in the mood for a salad? Check out our full menu here, or give us a call at 417-862-9999 (Delmar location) or 417-881-4442 (Battlefield location).