Enjoy Good Clean Wine At Your Favorite Local Restaurant in Springfield Missouri

Enjoy Good Clean Wine At Your Favorite Local Restaurant in Springfield Missouri

We’re proud that Bambinos Cafe has earned our reputation as one Springfield’s favorite locally owned restaurants. But did you know that when you support Bambinos, you’re not only supporting one local business, but also several other local businesses that we partner with?

Adding to Bambinos own local flavor is our selection of craft beers that we serve from Mother’s Brewing Company. Finley Creek Farms delivers fresh basil from their hydroponic systems for the homemade pesto used in many Bambino’s dishes.

The coffee we serve at B2 Cafe and both Bambinos locations is a partnership with Victory Coffee, a fundraising arm of Victory Mission. Their beans are roasted in small batches by No Coast Coffee, a Springfield-based artisan coffee roaster providing specialty grade, sustainably sourced coffee from around the world. Victory Coffee supports Victory Mission’s vision to provide paid employment, licensed mental healthcare, overnight shelter, case management and other services for homeless and low-income individuals in our area. 

Even Bambino’s kitchen scraps add to the local mix when they become part of the Springfield Compost Collective.

Our latest local partnership is the addition of Good Clean Wine that we now have available at Bambinos. Their wines make for a great pairing with Bambino’s because they are imported from Italy and the owners are, you guessed it, local Springfieldians Elle Feldman and Courtney Dunlop. Their motto is, “See the world through a clean glass.”

Good Clean Wine is more than just their name. It’s at the heart of how their wine is produced. As few chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives as possible are used when producing their wine, resulting in a natural taste and minimizing hangovers! Who doesn’t love that?

Grapes for Good Clean Wine are grown in several regions of Italy including Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, and Maremma. Their selection of vineyards is based on practices of biodiverse farming, where the ecosystem functions as a whole yielding the best quality of soil possible.

Good Clean Wine is also certified to ensure the growers and winemakers are following the regulations of the European Union. There is no sugar added, leaving the wine with a very organic taste. Although each wine can be described as dry, each of them has a unique flavor.

Their red wine has notes of cherry, plum, fig, and even a touch of roses. A great match for the hearty roast beef in a Bambino’s Baked Ziti. Their white wine has flavors of melon, apple, and a floral finish which make it a great partner for a classic seafood dish like The Diana. Lastly their Rosé has notes of cherry, tart strawberry, and blossoms. A fun coupling with a veggie dish like The Momma. Good Clean Wines and Bambinos Cafe make another great local pairing.

Keeping our local economy strong is important. When you support your favorite local restaurant in Springfield Missouri, especially a local business that in turn promotes the growth of other locally owned businesses, that just makes good, clean sense.