Favorite Outdoor Recreational Spots Recommended By Your Friends At Bambinos

Favorite Outdoor Recreational Spots Recommended By Your Friends At Bambinos

We are so lucky to be in a region with such easy access to nature! Lush vistas, peaceful trials, gorgeous creeks, and valleys thick with flora just to name a few readily available features of the Ozarks. Summer time is ripe with friends and family gearing up to enjoy the surrounding outdoors. Some may bust out the canoes and kayaks for a float trip. Others just need a good ol’ frisbee to toss about. Then there are those that just need a dog friendly park to walk along with their best bud. Whatever you enjoy doing, there is a spot for you.

At our Battlefield location, you can walk right out the back door and the Galloway Creek Greenway Trail is just a stone’s throw away. As for our Delmar location, Phelps Grove Park is right around the corner.

We took the time to ask some of our staff about their favorite spots around Springfield to soak up some sun!

“A good swimming place to go is Buskiek because it has some swimming pools but it also has shallow places for younger kids. Now is the perfect time of year to go!” -Kaedyn: Bambinos baker

“I would say my favorite park is Nathanael Greene. I just really like the bike trail. I ride my bike over there a lot. Also, my sister got married in the Japanese Stroll Garden! I would say my favorite swimming spot is Lindenlure because it has a waterfall. The only thing is the rocks get pretty slippery, so wear shoes! -Destiny: Bambinos server

“What I like about Sequiota Park is that there is a trail off the beaten path and it’s not paved. There are naturally formed stairs and places to walk up on the cliff. It’s a bit more dangerous. Which is good because I don’t want my hikes to be boring. I like that there are a lot of water features at sequiota. Such as streams and the pond. There’s a good amount of wildlife that is enjoyable to watch. There was a fallen down tree that my friends and I would walk across all the time. Recently when we went there it had collapsed in the middle. But that was a lot of fun!” -Joe: Bambinos cook

“I’m not giving away my favorite fishing spots!!!” -Meredith: Bambinos cook

(We totally get it. The secret of a perfect fishing hole can be sacred)

Well you heard them, get on out there and have an adventure! Don’t forget the sunscreen and maybe bring a compass. It is important, now more than ever, to get out of the house every-once-and-a-while to ensure you get plenty of exercise. There is certainly no shortage of natural wonder to explore around here.  Nor any shortage of activities to enjoy.

Then when you are done biking, swimming, or hiking we will be here with our healthy menu at B2 Cafe or our hardier menu at either of our Bambinos locations. You can relax on our patios to replenish and take a moment to kick the rocks out of your socks. From us at Bambinos, happy trails to you!