Game of Thrones Characters as Bambinos Dishes - Catering Springfield MO

Game of Thrones Characters as Bambinos Dishes – Catering Springfield MO

After dozens of untimely deaths, hundreds of viewing hours and thousands of fan theories, the final season of “Game of Thrones” has arrived. We’re already nearly halfway through Season 8, which means it’s time to start planning your finale viewing party. Of course, no watch party is complete without some serious snacks and catering – which is why we went through the current cast of characters and devised the ultimate “Game of Thrones” themed menu. Find out which Bambinos dish matches up with your favorite character.

Throne-Worthy Beverages

Tyrion Lannister: Red Wine

If you’re familiar with “Game of Thrones,” you know that Tyrion Lannister is rarely without a healthy portion of wine. He’d feel right at home at Bambinos, with our carefully curated selection of red wines including Ramsay Pinot Noir, Toscolo Chianti, Ryder Estate Cabernet and Farnese Fantini Montepulciano.

Samwell Tarly: Beer

Trusty sidekick Samwell Tarly is a simple, salt-of-the-earth fellow – the kind of character who enjoys a delicious craft beer. Chances are, you’d find Tarly sidled up to the Bambinos bar enjoying one of our local beers on tap, like Three Blind Mice from Mother’s Brewing Company.

Winter is Coming: Appetizers

Bran Stark: Soup of the Day

Even all-seeing oracles need a hot meal at the end of a long day of soothsaying. Bran Stark doesn’t seem to have much of an appetite, but we’d be willing to wager that he’d enjoy our filling soups of the day – like our curried squash soup, available on Mondays.

Jon Snow: Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Jon Snow has a lot on his mind these days. He’s the Warden of the North, an army of zombies is marching toward his homeland, and he may or may not be romantically involved with his aunt. What’s an overwhelmed Northerner to do? If there’s one thing that can remedy any conundrum, it’s our comforting spinach and artichoke dip. Served in an ooey-gooey cream sauce, it’s sure to make even the most daunting issues seem like small potatoes.

The Main Event: Entrees

Cersei Lannister: The Momma

Cersei Lannister is one of the most sinister villains ever to claim the throne of King’s Landing – but, at her core, she’s a grieving mother mourning the loss of her children. With any luck, one bite of The Momma – filled with perfectly cooked penne, fresh vegetables, alfredo sauce and just a hint of marinara – will be enough to distract this tyrant.

Arya Stark: Crab Cakes and Pasta

Back in Season 5, we saw Arya disguised as a seafood merchant in an attempt to assassinate one of her many targets. In order to get close to her victim, Arya enters a marketplace selling oysters, clams and cockles out of a wheelbarrow. Given her obvious affinity for seafood, we think she’d enjoy our Maryland-style crab cakes served over lightly sauced angel hair pasta.

Daenerys Targaryen: The Ziti

True, the motives of the Mother of Dragons are questionable at this point. Still, Daenerys has proven herself to be a strong ruler capable of managing even the most infuriating circumstances. Our traditional baked ziti is fit for a queen of her caliber, made with tender chunks of roast beef braised in red wine and tomato sauce.

The Final Battle: Dessert

Sansa Stark: Tiramisu

Early on in the show, we learn that Sansa Stark has a major sweet tooth as a result of her spoiled upbringing. Although she’s certainly grown older and wiser through the seasons, we suspect that that sweet tooth still lingers – which is why we’d recommend our traditional tiramisu.

Planning on hosting your own “Game of Thrones” watch party? Bambinos Cafe is here for you. We offer carry out and catering in Springfield Missouri for parties of all sizes – even if you’re hosting a Dothraki horde. Check out our full restaurant menu online, or call our Delmar location at 417-862-9999 or our Battlefield location at 417-881-4442.