Meet Golfer Harry Higgs And His Favorite Restaurant in Springfield MO

Get To Know Golfer Harry Higgs And His Favorite Restaurant in Springfield MO

The 30th Annual Price Cutter Charity Championship wrapped up last week, with 27-year-old Harry Higgs walking away with the top prize. Higgs, a Southern Methodist University graduate raised in Overland Park, Kansas, won a $126,000 prize and a spot on next year’s regular PGA tour.

Although Higgs is known to munch a peanut butter and jelly sandwich up to the first tee, when asked about his big win, he identified one other secret weapon: “Bambinos, I think, has something to do with it,” he said to reporters after the win. “I went there last night. I’ve eaten there three times this week.” We caught up with Higgs to chat about his background, the win, his exciting next steps—and his go-to Bambinos dish on our menu.

Bambinos: How old were you when you first picked up a golf club?

Harry Higgs: I first started swinging a club around in the front yard when I was six and played a little through the years. But I really started playing golf more seriously when we moved from the Philadelphia area to Overland Park when I was 10. We moved into a house that was on the course and I used to ride my bike down to the club with my bag on my back to play and practice. The rest is history.

Bambinos: What is your favorite part about visiting Springfield?

Harry Higgs: I love that Springfield is just like back home in Overland Park. I love the Midwest and how nice and hospitable everyone is. I played junior golf events in Springfield growing up and tried to qualify for the Price Cutter Charity Championship at least four times, so I have spent a ton of time in Springfield through the years.

Bambinos: How did you stumble upon Bambinos, and what’s your favorite dish?

Harry Higgs: One of the years I was in Springfield to try and qualify, myself and a friend just simply Googled “Best Restaurants in Springfield” and Bambinos was one of the first ones we saw. I am always on the road and love to try the local places that aren’t the chains we see everywhere.

The Delmar location being in a little house in a neighborhood is exactly the type of vibe that I look for. I have gone back to Bambinos every time I have been back to Springfield throughout the years. As for my order, I always struggle to choose between the Bambino and the Nonna. Both are always great options.

Bambinos: What’s next for you after your big win?

Harry Higgs: Even after my win last week, it’s still going to be more of the same: travel, playing and practicing. But I have taken some time over the last couple days to celebrate this win with my friends and family and start planning my first year on the PGA Tour starting in mid-September. Being a PGA Tour member has been a lifelong dream of mine and I am super excited to get started here in a few weeks.

Higgs brought a serious golf game to the Price Cutter Charity Championship and we were honored for him to mention that his favorite restaurant in Springfield Missouri might have had something to do with it. His two favorite Bambinos dishes each make a great meal before a big event: the Bambino, which is cavatelli cooked in meat sauce and smothered in melted provel, and the Nonna, a tasty linguine with roasted chicken breast and red peppers in a light alfredo sauce. Served with plenty of our fresh homemade bread, Bambinos pasta is a dinner worthy of a champion.