Order Your Holiday Baked Goods From Bambinos Catering in Springfield MO

Order Your Holiday Baked Goods From Bambinos Catering in Springfield MO

‘Tis the season for holiday parties—which of course, means it’s time for delicious holiday baked goods. From classic holiday cookies and cakes to unexpected options like tiramisu, nothing gets party-goers in the spirit like a tasty holiday dessert. At Bambinos, we feel strongly that there’s nothing quite as Grinchy as showing up to a holiday party empty-handed. That’s why we’re proud to offer a secret weapon that will take your holiday from good to great: an in-house bakery team.

Although we’re typically known for our delicious Italian-inspired fares like pasta and paninis, we’re also passionate about the sweet stuff. Our bakers are equipped with the expertise to create holiday baked goods that are perfect for your office party, family gathering or a fun night in.

How Do I Pre-Order Baked Goods for the Holidays?

Pre-ordering your holiday baked goods is as easy as picking up the phone. Our primary bakery is located at our Battlefield location. Simply give us a call at 417-881-4442 about a week before you need your order, and we’ll have your holiday goodies ready in time for your event. We can accommodate orders of all sizes for parties up to about 150 people—although we specialize in smaller orders for holiday parties and office events. Need to place a last-minute order? Procrastinating is never a good idea with baked goods. However, if you find yourself in a pinch, we can usually churn out last-minute orders in about 48 hours.

What Kinds of Holiday Baked Goods Does Bambinos Offer?

Our bakery team can whip up all of the holiday classics including cookies, cupcakes and cheesecakes. We also specialize in delicious scratch-made cakes with flavors like chocolate, red velvet, vanilla and coconut. Don’t forget to ask about our specialty cakes—we make a mean carrot cake, and our Italian cream cake can’t be beaten. Plus, celebrate the Italian way with a delicious pan of our signature tiramisu. Whether you’re bringing cookies to an elementary school holiday party or treating your friends and family to a decadent Italian cream cake, we have options for everyone. If you don’t see what you want on this list, give us a call to chat with our baker about custom order possibilities.

Can I Add Baked Goods to My Holiday Catering Order?

Yes! Our catering services are great for events of all sizes, with options that include appetizers, pastas by the pan, panini trays, salad and more. If you’re placing a catering order for a party or corporate event, you can always add baked goods to your order. Check out our page on catering in Springfield Missouri for pricing, or give us a call at 417-881-4442 to chat about custom orders.

Between gifts, party planning and hosting relatives, preparing for the holidays can be stressful. Luckily, treating your loved ones with holiday goodies doesn’t mean you have to opt for frozen pies or dry store-bought cookies. The Bambinos bakery team is armed with delicious scratch-made baked goods to make things a little easier on you. With a dash of creativity, you might even be able to convince your family that you made the treats yourself. We won’t tell.

Ready to order your homemade holiday baked goods? Give our Battlefield location a call at 417-881-4442 to get the conversation started. As always, we’re committed to keeping things easy for you. While our main bakery is located at our Battlefield location, we’re happy to transport your order to our Delmar location to make pick up a tad more convenient. Call us today—we can’t wait to make your holiday gatherings brighter with a taste of our favorite sweets.