Five Signs that Spring has Sprung in Phelps Grove - Italian Restaurant Springfield MO

Five Signs that Spring has Sprung in Phelps Grove – Italian Restaurant Springfield MO

With next week’s weather looking warm and sunny, we’re optimistic that spring is here to stay. Looking for more proof that warmer weather is on its way? Our Delmar Italian restaurant in Springfield Missouri is conveniently nestled in the heart of Springfield’s picturesque Phelps Grove neighborhood, and there are signs of spring all around us. From porch sitting parties to the return of the neighborhood’s master gardeners, here are five signs that spring has sprung in the Phelps Grove neighborhood.

Rediscovering the Art of Porch Sitting

If you live in the Phelps Grove neighborhood, you know that there’s no better place for porch sitting. When the temperatures warm up, our neighbors tend to head straight to their front porches to strum guitars, sip mugs of tea and enjoy a good book in the sunshine. Drive through the neighborhood on a sunny day, and you’ll likely see a new, more relaxed side to our neighbors. Hammocks are always a plus.

Furry Friends in Phelps Grove Park

If you’re feeling the effects of cabin fever after a tough winter, chances are that your furry friends feel the same. Seeing neighborhood dogs out for their first long stroll of the season is one of the first signs that spring is on its way in the Phelps Grove neighborhood. Of course, you won’t just see neighborhood dogs – Phelps Grove often plays host to visiting pups and their owners, who typically leave their vehicles at the park and venture out for a scenic stroll. In fact, Phelps Grove is one of the most walkable neighborhoods in the Springfield area, with plenty of wide sidewalks and friendly neighbors waving hello.

Return of the Master Gardeners

Phelps Grove has long had a reputation for some of the best-manicured lawns and most spectacular gardens in the area. There’s nothing quite like strolling through the neighborhood to find that our resident gardeners have been hard at work. With bursts of color and greenery around every corner, the fruit of our neighbors’ labor is quite a sight to see.

Cyclists Returning to the Road

Phelps Grove is one of the most cyclist-heavy neighborhoods in Springfield, with plenty of bike lanes and connections to The Link available. As temperatures warm up, you’ll see more and more avid cyclists hitting the streets to stretch their legs and beat last year’s cycling record. At Bambinos, we welcome cyclists, offering a bike rack so hungry athletes can secure their bikes and join us for a hearty meal. We’re also a convenient stop for hungry walkers, runners and tennis players heading our way after a match at the park.

Outdoor Dining Galore

Spring’s warm temperatures and sunny weather mean the return of porch dining. Call us biased, but we’re partial to this element of springtime for obvious reasons. We’d argue that food just tastes better when you’re kicked back on our patio with a glass of wine in one hand and the breeze ruffling your hair. We open our porch up in the spring and summer so our guests can make the most of al dente dining.

With any luck, spring is here to stay. From furry friends to cheery tulips, the Phelps Grove neighborhood is full of the signs of the season.

If you’re in Springfield, Missouri and looking to make the most of the spring season, Bambinos Cafe is here for you. We offer bike racks, a comfortable patio and plenty of fresh spring eats – like our tasty salads. Check out our full Italian restaurant menu online, or call our Delmar location at 417-862-9999 with any questions.