Trail the Ozarks to a Bambinos restaurant in Springfield MO

Trail the Ozark Greenways to a Bambinos Restaurant in Springfield MO

Our northern neighbors may be engulfed in a polar vortex, but Springfieldians are getting ready to bask in some unseasonably warm temperatures. Take advantage of the wintry respite with a cruise down a Greenway Trail. The Springfield area is home to a beautiful, well-maintained network of bike paths and trails that are a great destination for runners, cyclists and casual walkers alike. Allow us to introduce you to some of our favorites. With a little practice, you’ll be navigating the Greenways like a pro.

Fassnight Creek Greenway

The Fassnight Creek Greenway is located in the heart of Springfield, just minutes from downtown and Missouri State University. The trail passes through Fassnight Park, home to several structures that boast a gorgeous Ozarks native rock vernacular. You’ll also pass by Fassnight Creek, which bubbles through the park. After passing through Fassnight Park, the greenway winds under Campbell, Bennett and Jefferson avenues. It then connects trail-goers to Phelps Grove Park, conveniently located only a few blocks from our original Springfield restaurant on Delmar.

Make sure to explore this beloved park, home to a community pavilion, tennis courts and play equipment for little ones. Want to make your way down the Fassnight Creek Greenway? We recommend fueling up with lunch at Bambinos (we have bike parking!) and then checking out Phelps Grove Park before heading down the trail.

Galloway Creek Greenway

Ozark Greenways reports that the Galloway Creek Greenway was the first trail in Missouri to be designated as a National Recreation Trail by the National Park Service. It’s no wonder: This southeast Springfield trail has a lot to offer. The trail begins just east of Lone Pine Avenue, winding south through beautiful Sequiota Park and the quaint Galloway neighborhood. Our favorite trail route involves parking at Sequiota Park and taking a quick detour to check out the park’s historic bat cave and complex system of mini-trails.

Then, we recommend cruising north until you hit our Battlefield restaurant in Springfield Missouri for a quick bite to eat. You can also pop next door to grab a smoothie at B2 cafe if you’d like to keep it light. Make sure to check out the giant trail map we have at B2 to map out your next trail stop.

The Link

If you’re looking for a more casual outdoor experience, try the LINK. This urban path is perhaps one of Springfield’s best-kept secrets. The LINK was specifically routed along streets with low traffic volume and generally slow speeds, providing a low-stress walking and cycling path for Springfield residents. Runners and walkers can take advantage of the continuous accessible sidewalk available on at least one side of each LINK street. If you’re biking, you’ll be glad to see the four cycle aid stations located along the trail. You can also use the LINK to connect to other greenways including the North Jordan Creek Trail, Jordan Valley Trail and South Creek Trail.

That’s good news if you’d rather not deal with parking along the Greenways – you can bike directly to the trailheads. The LINK also passes through or is adjacent to four college and university campuses, putting students and professors within close proximity of a relaxed outdoor adventure.

This weekend’s warm temperatures are a welcome sight. Make the most of this nice weather with a trip down the Springfield area’s well-maintained Greenway trails. While you’re at it, use the trails to make your way to a Bambinos restaurant in Springfield Missouri. We have locations directly off of the Galloway Creek and Fassnight Creek Greenways, helping you fuel up after an exciting day on foot or on wheels. Check out our full restaurant menu online.