Valentine’s Day Wine Pairings at Bambinos Restaurants in Springfield MO

Valentine’s Day Wine Pairings at Bambinos Restaurants in Springfield MO

On Valentine’s Day, couples all over the Springfield area gear up for a romantic evening. At Bambinos, we pride ourselves on offering delicious food in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. That’s why we offer a variety of wines for every palate, whether you’re looking for a complex sipping experience or a fruity dessert finish. Currently, our restaurants offer eight wines that pair beautifully with some of our favorite menu items. With our crash course in wine pairings, you’ll be well on our way to sommelier status just in time for your big date.

Farnese Fantini Montepulciano

If you’re new to wine, this red wine’s long-winded name might look a little intimidating. However, montepulciano wines (pronounced “mon-ta-pull-channo”) are some of the most approachable, versatile wines on the market. This medium-bodied wine originated in central Italy, providing a naturally elevated acidity that pairs well with a wide variety of foods. Montepulciano’s naturally robust herbal flavors make it an especially great choice for rich, savory foods like pizza. Try a glass of Montepulciano with one of our signature pizzas topped with Italian sausage, pepperoni and roasted peppers. If you’re not in the mood for pizza, try pairing it with our newest pasta, the Sorella, which is a vegan dish full of fresh roasted veggies.

Toscolo Chianti

Creepy movie villains might pair chianti with fava beans, but we think chianti is a better complement to pastas with light red sauces. Try it with the Maria, which features angel hair pasta simmered in plenty of our fresh marinara sauce.

Ryder Estate Cabernet

Cabernet is a tannic wine that pairs nicely with virtually any meat dish. We think it’s delicious alongside our traditional baked ziti, which is baked with chunks of tender roast beef.

Ramsay Pinot Noir

Pinot noir is located near the center of the red wine spectrum, giving it incredible versatility. Pinot noir’s bright acidity and rich fruit character holds its own when paired with chicken and other light meats. Try it with our pan-roasted chicken with asparagus and cherry tomatoes. A lighter poultry dish like this one will let pinot noir’s nuanced flavors shine.

Teldeschi White Zinfandel

If you’re a fan of white wine, it’s hard to go wrong with white zinfandel. This classic wine is delicious alongside pasta dishes, especially pasta dishes with cream sauces. Try it with the Diana, our wildly popular fettuccine alfredo served with shrimp, mushrooms and broccoli.

Centorri Moscato

This refreshing dessert wine complements rich desserts and cheese plates perfectly. Try this sweet sipper with your dessert course – like our special Valentine’s chocolate and raspberry bundt cake, or our signature tiramisu.

Hess Select Sauvignon Blanc

This light, crisp white wine is a customer favorite, and we think it pairs best with the light flavors of salad and seafood. It’s a great choice if you’re craving our crab cakes served over angel hair pasta. The dish is drizzled with our fire-roasted red pepper Caesar dressing, giving it just enough bite. You can also sip sauvignon blanc alongside any of our refreshing, healthy house salads.

Lagaria Chardonnay

Chardonnay is best enjoyed with buttery or creamy dishes like the Momma, featuring penne cooked in alfredo sauce and topped with fresh vegetables and a hint of marinara. It’s also a delight to sip alongside our complimentary bread course served with every pasta dish.

Nothing says “I love you” like a delicious meal complete with tantalizing wines. If you still need a little guidance when it comes to Valentine’s Day wine pairings, feel free to ask one of our friendly staffers.

Forgot to make Valentine’s Day reservations? No worries. Bring your Valentine to one of our two restaurants in Springfield Missouri for a satisfying, laid-back dinner that won’t break the bank. Check out our full restaurant dinner menu online.