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Logo files for Bambinos.

  • EPS File: An EPS file is a type of file that stores a logo or illustration in a way that allows it to be resized without losing quality. It is commonly used for professional printing.
  • PNG File: A PNG file is a type of file that is used for logos and graphics on the internet. It keeps the image quality high even when saved multiple times and can have a transparent background.
  • AI File: An AI file is a file created with Adobe Illustrator, a program used to make drawings and designs. It is best for graphic designers and allows them to easily modify and customize the artwork.

Bambinos Color JPG

Download Color Jpg

Bambinos B&W JPG

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Bambinos Color EPS

Download Color EPS

Bambinos B&W EPS

Download B&W EPS

Bambinos COLOR PNG

Download COLOR PNG

Bambinos B&W PNG

Download B&W PNG

Bambinos Color AI

Download Color AI

Bambinos B&W AI

Download B&W AI